Sunday, 8 February 2009

I Heart Legs

So it's not long until Valentine's Day... Time to get all those red and pink clothes out and cover everything in hearts! Personally I despise Valentine's Day - and not because I'm single as I'm not - I just don't like the idea of being romantic because we're told to be. I'd rather go for a nice romantic dinner because we feel like it at a time that suits, that will probably end up being much more romantic when you're not surrounded by a whole restaurant full of couples also being "romantic". Not to mention cheaper when the prices aren't hiked up specially for said couples.

Anyway, rant over. And despite my dislike of Valentine's Day, there is something deep inside me that really likes the idea of all the girly hearts and red and pink decorations. Strange as I'm not normally a girly red and pink kind of girl. But check out the range of Valentine tights on Celeste Stein, known of course for having a huuuuge range of different patterned tights, has come up trumps with some lovey dovey leg adornments. My personal favourite is the rose pattern, although I am far too chicken/they are far too colourful for my legs.

Emilio Cavallini is also providing some Valentine's legwear - in the shape of some nice subtle hearts-up-the-back-of-the-leg tights, as well as some very cute heart print ankle socks:

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