Thursday, 19 August 2010

How to dress like Clarissa Darling.

Time for a 1990s fashion comeback! In the style of who else but Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All...

Whistles, <span class=Topshop, Esprit, Lola Rose, Juicy Couture" style="margin:0;border:0 none;position:absolute;left:0;top:0">

Boohoo, <span class=Hollyoaks, Jennifer Ouellette, Dr. Martens" style="margin:0;border:0 none;position:absolute;left:0;top:0">

what a 1990s icon!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Long, Black and Flowing

I never fail to be impressed by's delivery service. I ordered a skirt on Tuesday afternoon, got an email the following morning saying it had been despatched and it arrived on Thursday morning. Brilliant! And that was the standard 3-5 day option.

Anyway, the skirt I bought was one of the MANY maxi skirts available at the moment. I have yet to venture properly into the maxi trend; I recently bought a maxi dress but have not yet got round to wearing it. But I think this ASOS skirt is going to get a lot of wear - though I might wait until the rain has stopped to avoid soggy hems!

ASOS's maxi skirt collection can be found here. Enjoy!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Shoe Sales!

Right now is a brilliant time for sale shopping, particularly for shoes. And I am finding it incredibly hard to resist; having been away travelling for over 6 months and having just received my first pay check in a long time, for some reason the only thing I want to spend it on is shoes... House of Fraser shoe section is currently my favourite destination for bargain shoe hunting - their combination of the Kurt Geiger brands and the Shoe Studio brands is unbeatable and they tend to have a wide selection of styles and sizes included in the sale. Bertie just have sooo many gorgeous shoes; here is my sale shortlist:

(Stan, Oaklahoma, Gambia, Gold Coast all from Bertie at The Shoe Studio)

And here is the one pair I went with in the end. Gorgeous right? And really comfortable (so far), thanks to the elastic straps and platform heel.

(Santa Fe, also from Bertie at The Shoe Studio)

If you don't mind last season's styles in the bid for cheap shoes, Amazon has a pretty good and ever increasing selection of popular shoe brands on their site. This includes Carvela, Rocket Dog, etc etc. I couldn't resist this pair of Rocket Dog heels, as I figured they should be as comfortable as Rocket Dog tends to be and they are also a bit quirky to cheer up an office outfit.

(Rocket Dog Mariella from

Slight shopping guilt set in after my 2 shoes purchases - after all I have just returned from travelling with no money and plan to save up over the summer to go away again at the end of the year. So, to balance out the shopping, I have been selling old clothes and shoes on eBay. I have sold plenty of clothes on eBay in the past as I generally find myself with a lot of clothes I either don't really like / don't fit anymore / get bored of. I have never sold shoes before though, and I have the perfect pair to try and sell. It is a pair of Carvela "Agadoo" heels that I had my eye on for ages, but when I finally bought them found that they are just a bit too small and cut my feet open every time I wear them... So after keeping them in my wardrobe for 2 years, optimistically (and painfully) wearing them twice, I decided I could try and get some money for them to cancel out the new shoes. Fingers crossed with that one!!